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Monday, November 16, 2015

Streetz Radio Royalty: Redman

Lately I've been can I bring more recognition/honor to some of the artists that I still bump today?  I mean my whole mission when I started Street Thoughts was basically to give exposure to artists and play pure, raw & uncut music!  Today with that same mission in tact, I feel that the only way that we can truly keep real music alive is to keep it in rotation!  I mean...Don't just talk about about it!!!  Right?....Right!!!

This week's Honorable Mention goes to:       


Redman is back and he's letting the world know that Doc's still the MF name!  From an explosive cypha at the BET awards to making his Directors debut for his new video "Dopeman" to releasing his EP "MudFace" (Muddy Waters II coming soon), Redman is putting in that work and he's not stopping anytime soon!

Doc is proof that you can be successful by staying humble as well as staying true to yourself and your fanbase!  With popular and watered down music just taking over the industry, it is easy for hiphop and real music period to get lost in the sauce.  And once it is lost, sometimes you need a magnifying glass to find it or a telescope to project it back to the world.  That is why it is up to us fans & supporters to help keep legends like Red in rotation.  He has stayed loyal to hiphop and has never let money or fame change his style or his bars!  MudFace is just a sample of what is yet to come!  And speaking as a fan, "we have been waiting for this...Doc's Da Name!!! Let's Go"!!!


Redman makes his Directors debut with his new video Dope Man...

These are just a few of my all time cuts ;)...

Here are some dope freestyles & collabs...I could keep posting ;)...

Follow Redman on twitter @therealredman 

-written by TazDatMC for Street Thoughts and the Smokers Society   

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