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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Greze a.k.a Greze Gutta of Gutta Gang. The 618 is his home, he grew up in Washington Park better known as Challey Park
Greze started rapping several years age, he originally started out battle rapping against other artist in the St. Louis area. During that time he hosted his own hip hop show "Tuesday Night Grind". It wasn't until 2005 that he wrote his first track and he has been unstoppable since!!! 
Greze's hard work has earned him features on Ohio HipHop Blog and in Mamarazzi Entertainment Magazine. He has done songs with Raw Resse and several other artist out of the St Louis area. He has also performed at the Meet the DJ event in Kansas City, MO and was one of the featured artists at the Get to Know the DJ event in Wichita, Kansas. He has since participated in the first MixShow Live 2012 in Dallas, hosted by The Core DJ's. Greze has most recently opened up for Treal Lee and Prince Rick and anticipates his June 2012 performance in St Louis at the highly recognized "SlumFest", in which he plans on performing his newest single "Super Weak". His new single has received high reviews earning him a first week win on the FreshorMess Indie Spotlight on Two of his singles, "Limelight" and "Super Weak" have been picked by DJ Swayd Go Hard Hip Hop Pick of the Week. He has a strong lyrical range and has been compared to major mainstream artists. Be on the lookout for Greze, he will be a breakthrough artist!!!

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