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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Streetz Radio Royalty: DJ Quik

For those that follow me on social media (mainly twitter) may notice from time to time I tweet lines or lyrics from songs.  Well recently I was going through some tracks for my radio show (Whateva Wednesdays via Streetz Radio) and started getting my Quik on!  I was in the zone and started reminiscing about when my and my home girl used to write down the words to his songs so that we can learn them faster lol.  DJ Quik came with them funky beats, hard core sound & sensual/raunchy rhymes.  He was just hungry, sexy and eventually became and still is a west coast legend!

In saying made me think about how I can bring more recognition/honor to some of the artists that I still bump today!  I mean my whole mission when I started Streetz Radio (and Royalty Magazine) was basically to give exposure to artists and play pure, raw & uncut music!  Today with that same mission in tact, I feel that the only way that we can truly keep real music alive is to keep it in rotation!  I mean...Don't just talk about about it!!!  Right?....Right!!!

Well EVERYONE KNOWS that 90's (and honestly the late 80's through early 2000's) hiphop & r&b was in a class of its own!  Although we will never truly get that era back, we can keep it alive by keeping it in rotation!  By saying that, I will do my part by highlighting at least one artist from this era every week!  
I mean think about it...>>> With popular and watered down music just taking over the industry, it is easy for hiphop and real music period to get lost in the sauce.  So my goal is to overcome this obstacle as well as highlight some artists or legends in the game!   I mean honestly a true fan like me never stopped listening (and I know others haven't either), so I'm not fully accepting on what has happened over the years.  But it is what it all I can really do is continue to show my support!  Honestly a lot of these artists never stopped doing their thing either, so maybe they will gain a new fan or help a newer artist see music from a different perspective! 

This week's Honorable Mention goes to:       

DJ Quik     

Here is just a sample of some of Quik's albums/projects:

Quik is the Name

Way 2 Fonky
Safe & Sound
Balance & Options
The Midnight Life
click here for discography

Just a few of my favorite tracks:

Born and Raised in Compton
Sweet Black Pussy
Safe + Sound
Diggin U Out
Dollaz N Sense

Did you know?

In 1992 Quik was nominated for an American Music Award (Favorite Rap/Hip-hop Artist)

In 2012 Quik won an American Music Award (Biggest Celebrity DJ)

Billboard Albums:

In 1991 "Quik is the Name" peaked at #9 on the R&B Albums charts
In 1992 "Way 2 Fonky" peaked at #10 on the Billboard 200
In 1995 Safe + Sound peaked at #1 on the R&B Albums
In 2005 Trauma peaked at #1 on Top Independent Albums

Billboard Singles:

In 1991 "Tonite" peaked at #3 on Hot Rap Singles
In 1991 "Born and Raised in Compton" peaked at #4 on Hot Rap Singles
In 1992 "Jus Lyke Compton" peaked at #4 on Hot Rap Singles

For more of Quik's album/single awards, please click here.

Here is his >>> Biography

Wikipedia Page

Boy does Mr. Quik have CREDENTIALS!  Click here for music credits

Follow DJ Quik on twitter @DJQuik

Check out these videos:

You can also peep Quik currently playing on this week's Whateva Wednesday's!

Written by TazDatMC for Streetz Radio

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