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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Streetz Radio Featured Artist: GlobalNotLocal

Streetz Radio is revealing music at its finest!  

Tazzy recently had the pleasure of interviewing upcoming artist GlobalNotLocal.  Click here to hear the exclusive interview in its entirety. 

The regions, the states that are important or influential in hip-hop seem to be clearly defined. For the most part it's either by region or by state.

The South.

West Coast.

East Coast.


But what I rare is hearing about artists based out of Michigan. Rarity in life makes for something unique, something that will defy the conventions.

I like to think that applies to GlobalNotLocal.

Global Not Local (born Jordan Jones) is a twenty-two year old artist who was born and raised in Saginaw, MI.

In addition to being a rap artist he touts skills as both a producer and an engineer. Through his music he expresses all of his life's adversities, growing pains, and achievements.

He [Global] and his brand of hip-hop are edgy, pushing the boundaries. This is something that hip-hop can always use.

This eclectic nature to his music makes Global somewhat of a pioneer.

Drawing from a high level of intelligence and temperance, Global has a look and sound that will capture the attention of a lot of young people from all walks of life. He is made all the more easy to relate to because his past as a former basketball star from one of the worst cities in the country for drugs, violence, and domestic abuse.

Here an artist who is young, talented, full of life.

Being that he wears engineering and production hats his recording quality is top notch, singling out Global as a bright new star in the music world.

Not one to be outdone, Global Not Local is aiming for the top rung. He is ready to compete and prove he is the absolute best artist in the music industry.

written by Lucius Black

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