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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Streetz Radio Royalty: Hi-Five

Lately I've been can I bring more recognition/honor to some of the artists that I still bump today?  I mean my whole mission when I started Streetz Radio (and Royalty Magazine) was basically to give exposure to artists and play pure, raw & uncut music!  Today with that same mission in tact, I feel that the only way that we can truly keep real music alive is to keep it in rotation!  I mean...Don't just talk about about it!!!  Right?....Right!!!

Well EVERYONE KNOWS that 90's (and honestly the late 80's through early 2000's) hiphop & r&b was in a class of its own!  Although we will never truly get that era back, we can keep it alive by keeping it in rotation!  By saying that, I will do my part by highlighting at least one artist from this era every week!  
I mean think about it...>>> With popular and watered down music just taking over the industry, it is easy for hiphop and real music period to get lost in the sauce.  And once it is lost, sometimes you need a magnifying glass to find it or a telescope to project it back to the world.  My goal is to overcome this obstacle as well as highlight some artists or legends in the game!   I mean honestly a true fan like me never stopped listening (and I know others haven't either), so I'm not fully accepting on what has happened over the years.  But it is what it all I can really do is continue to show my support!  Honestly a lot of these artists never stopped doing their thing either, so maybe they will gain a new fan or help a newer artist see music from a different perspective! 

This week's Honorable Mention goes to:       


Hi-Five is an American R&B group out of Waco, Texas.  They hit the scene in 1990 and with cuts like "I Just Can't Handle It", "I Like The Way (Kissing Game)", "I Can't Wait Another Minute", "Quality Time", etc. Hi-Five came out dropping classics and instantly became a fan favorite. 

In 2005, Hi-Five reformed and released "The Return" album.

Did you know?

Their debut album Hi-Five (produced by Teddy Riley) went platinum.

The original members of Hi-Five were Tony Thompson, Roderick "Pooh" Clark, Marcus Sanders, Russell Neal and Toriano Easley (later replaced by Treston Irby).

Shortly after the release of their album "Faithful" the group broke up.  However, lead singer "Tony Thompson" was able to re-form the group with some new members (over a decade later) and released "the Return" album.

In 1993, group member Roderick "Pooh" Clark was involved in a bad car accident that left him paralyzed. 

Tragically, Tony Thompson died June 1 2007.  He was found dead in a apartment complex in Waco, Texas.  Autopsies revealed he had died from inhaling too much Freon from an air conditioning unit.  

In 2011 Treston Irby was shot five times after a performance.

In 2014, Russel Neal was arrested for murder in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend (Catherine Martinez).

Despite the group's tragedies over the years, I feel that their lives are pretty much a testimony to the world and we are just fortunate to have been (and still be) blessed with their music! Hi-Five is definitely one of the best R&B groups of all time!  Let's keep this legendary group in our prayers to stay strong and of course let's keep them in rotation!

Here are some of Hi-Five's albums/projects:


Keep it Goin' On
click here for discography

Just a few of my favorite tracks:

Quality Time
Unconditional Love
I Can't Wait Another Minute
I Like


In 1990 Hi-Five's self titled album "Hi-Five" peaked at #1 on R&B Albums
In 1992 "Keep it Going" peaked at #9 on R&B Albums
In 1993 "Faithful" peaked at #23 on R&B Albums


In 1990 "I Just Can't Handle It" peaked at #10 Hot R&B/Hip-hop singles & tracks
In 1991 "I Like The Way (Kissing Game)" peaked at #1 The Billboard Hot 100
In 1991 "I Like The Way (Kissing Game)" peaked at #1 Hot R&B/Hip-hop singles & tracks
In 1991 "I Can't Wait Another Minutepeaked at #8 The Billboard Hot 100
In 1991 "I Can't Wait Another Minutepeaked at #1 Hot R&B/Hip-hop singles & tracks 
In 1991 "I Can't Wait Another Minutepeaked at #30 Adult Contemporary
In 1992 "She's Playing Hard to Getpeaked at #10 Top 40 Mainstream
In 1992 "She's Playing Hard to Getpeaked at #5 The Billboard Hot 100
In 1992 "She's Playing Hard to Getpeaked at #7 Rhythmic Top 40
In 1992 "She's Playing Hard to Getpeaked at #2 Hot R&B/Hip-hop singles & tracks
In 1992 "Quality Timepeaked at #38 The Billboard Hot 100
In 1992 "Quality Timepeaked at #3 Hot R&B/Hip-hop singles & tracks
In 1993 "Never Should Have Let You Gopeaked at #10 Hot R&B/Hip-hop singles & tracks

For more of Hi-Five's album/single awards, please click here.

Here is their >>> Biography

Wikipedia Page

 Check the Credentials >>>  Click here for music credits

Follow @OfficialHiFive on twitter

*RIP Tony!  You were truly a blessing to music and will be forever loved and missed!  Gone too early, but never forgotten!!!  #Love #HiFive4Life

***God is Real***I am updating this blog to let you know that as soon as I sent out the blast that Hi-Five was our Honorable Mention this week (5/27/2015 approximately 8:50-8:55 am, Tony Thompson's song "I Wanna Love Like That" came on the radio.  I just so happen to have my show  "Whateva Wednesdays" playing in the background and as soon as I sent out a tweet blast to check out this blog, his song came on right after...WOW!  I wasn't even paying attention to the current song playing because I was working online.  But it was like something told me to send the Hi-Five tweet right at that moment.  And of course as soon as I did, the next song came on and it happened to be "I Wanna Love Like That" so it immediately grabbed my attention!  I wasn't even going to share this moment, but I feel like it's a confirmation that God is real and we have to keep legends like Hi-Five in rotation.  It's the only way to keep real music alive in a world filled with popular and watered down music that has no substance.  I know Tony knows how much he is loved!  We can keep the legacy alive through his music.  #Blessed 

Peep out these videos:

Additional References:

Round Trip w/ Dave O'

You can also peep Hi-Five currently playing on this week's Whateva Wednesday's!

Written by TazDatMC for Streetz Radio

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